Very Important Notes:

#1: Please try to provide all docs needed back to us within 48-hours if you can. Otherwise, it can delay our processing Dept to process your loan application.

 #2: Please try to upload the all your docs needed via our secured website, for protecting your personal information, and helping our loan process.

#3: Please try to avoid applying any credit card or borrow money during the application phase.  Otherwise, it will delay your loan process.

 #4: Please fill out the multiple property sheet (mp_sample_sheet.xlsx) if you have more than one properties. It is very important to get this filled form back to us.  Otherwise, it will delay your loan process "BIG" time.


  Document Name Mortgage Programs Description
    Purchase Refinance Cash out please only choose the program that appliy to you.


Purchase Contract & Addendum. x N/A N/A please get the purchase contract and amendament.


Social Security Number x x x You can call in to give us your SSN, if you have not done that yet. We will need both you and spouse SSN if you filled joint-return on your tax.


Latest 1-Full-month Paystub x x x Make sure  it is the latest one.


Latest 2-Full month Bank Statement x x x (1). Please send all pages including BLANK pages. (2). The statement should show that you have enough fund to pay the Downpayment (for purchase), and closing cost.


Last Two Year's W2 x x x always to give us the latest two year's W2.


Identification  x x x Driver License


Immigration Doc (if you are not U.S.A Citizen) x x x Green Card (if you are permanent resident), Passport, Visa


Last Two Year's TAX RETURN x x x You need to provide if you own rental properties or you are self-employed.


Home Insurance Contact Information x x x Please provide your home insurance agent's phone, email.


Mortgage Statements

x x x Please provide the mortgage statement for each property you owe


 Property Tax Receipt

Home Insurance Receipt

HOA receipts

 x  x  x

Please provides tax, home insurance and HOA for each property you currently own.  you can click on the following link to see the sample of these docs.





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