sachin.sah - Oct 15, 2010

We financed our home through ACE Financial. Shawn Li and Kathleen Chen handled our case. Shawn was our primary loan officer and handled our case efficiently. 

Financing a home can be an extremely nerve wrecking, and it is imperative that one has an experienced loan officer who knows what he/she is doing. Shawn responded to all my queries efficiently and promptly. One thing I very much appreciated when working with him was that he picked up his phone calls, and was always available to answer any questions. Believe me, it makes such a difference when someone answers your call right away, rather than leaving a message and biting your nails till that person calls you back.

Due to some Mortgage Insurance delays at the banks end, we had to extend our loan twice. ACE Financial picked up the tab both times. That was very professional of them. My closing cost was less than the initial GFE that was provided to me by ACE financial, another testament demonstrating that they know what they are doing. My only recommendation to the first time buyers is have at least 15-20K more in the bank (cash) on top of the estimated closing costs to avoid any delays in the financing process. 

Thanks Shawn and Kathleen, it was a pleasure doing business with you folks.

sharonz1992 - October 30, 2010

This Oct, 2010, Shawn Li helped us financing on a new house at 3.75% APR for 15 years. I was able to use the equity line of credit again for my cash down 30%, and financed $200, 000 at 3.75%.

We are very happy living in the new house and I always refer to my friends to Shawn Li since he is good at what he is doing, both buying and selling houses and financing.

No wonder he is the top seller at his company for 2009 and 2010!

Cheers to you, Shawn!!

-Sharon Zhang


In the July 2010, I was shopping to refinance my house. A friend of mine gave me the phone number to contact Shawn Li. Although I had already gotten a couple of GFEs and quotes, I decided to give him a try. It turned out that Shawn Li was the best mortgage broker I had ever had. Not only did he work with me on every little bitty details of the refinancing process and quickly responded to every question I had, and he also maintained communication with me on the status of every step during in the whole process. On the top of the satisfying rate and fees which was the best then, I was extremely satisfied with his working style and highly praised his professional ethics. I will definitely recommend Shawn Li to everyone I know.

Shu – Austin, TX


shiwen888 - March 25, 2011

Shawn helped me on both mortgage and refinance applications. In both cases, he made sure everything going smoothly. He also patiently answered my questions, so I learned a lot from him. I am really satisfied with his superior service and would like to recommend Shawn to everyone. Shiwen888

hongyang - April 2, 2011

Shawn helped me to refinance the mortgage recently. He is very helpful and efficient. It only takes us 2 weeks to close the deal. During the process, he answered all my questions patiently and provided information quickly. I’m very satisfied with his service and definitely will recommend him to my friends.


jaywang - May 15, 2011

I am living in San Jose, California. ACE Financial Shawn Li handled our Austin Texas house refinance case. I found the way he handled my case was very impressive, even if we are not living in Austin Texas. He took my case on January 16 and completed on Feb 1. It only took about two weeks. The speed of process really surprised me. My wife and I are really appreciated the way he handled my case. He monitored almost all activities in real time, and informed me immediately when it became urgent. Shawn has a very good personality. When we asking him some complicated (or even trivial) questions, he explained to me in detail with patience, and make us totally understand during the entire process. So when we did the signature on the papers, we believed we are protected and handled by a VERY capable professional.

Jay Wang – San Jose, CA

maifangzi - Oct 25, 2011

During the financing process for my investment property purchase in August 2011, Mr. Shawn Li made a quick and right decision against a very volatile market, locked an excellent rate for me. The rate was so good that my real estate agent Ms. Judith Bundschuh -- the current chairman of Austin Board of Realtor -- was very impressed by Shawn's capability and efficiency. She commented that "Shawn must look very hard and thorough to get such a good rate." Furthermore, it was such a pleasant experience for Judith and my self working with Shawn. He is patient, warm and calm, always there to help. I would have no hesitate to recommend him to my friends.


jieyuanzhang - Oct 30, 2011

I recently refinanced my loan with Shawn Li in ACE Financial, and I am impressed by his professional way of working. He always pushes me to get the document, and when I was in China for vacation, he was able to lock me the lowest rate when I am absent. When I have questions or concerns, he always returns my email or picks up my phone calls. I highly recommend him if you have a need.

crokfzmcaesar - Apr 19, 2012

This is my first house purchase experience. In this deal, we were on the backup order, which literally
made us think that we would have little chance to get the house at first. Just a try. … … 
But we were noticed that the first offer fell through and the seller moved to our offer. 2 weeks had passed. We literally did not have much time left to close the deal, less than one month. So everything must move very, very fast. That was my most concern at that time. 

When I asked around, most of my friends told us it is very tough to get loan approved-- especially in this post-financial crisis period. The bank is very strict on loan condition. Lots of documents to provide to get approved. 

But we are attracted by the loan condition from Shawn's company. It is a very attractive offer. The best rate we can ever get in this market. We compared it with a couple of other companies, big ones and small ones. It was the best offer we can even get. So we decided to ask Shawn's company to help us get the loan. 

In the deal, Shawn walked us through most works side-by-side with us and made our deal through easily. He sat down with us to discuss necessary documents submitted for banks’ conditions inquiry. He guided us through every step of the entire deal. For a first-time home buyer, it is exactly what is needed. In fact, we got the loan approved and everything closed in just 3 weeks. Everything moved smoothly. We got our house on time and we would appreciate Shawn’s diligence and professional experience in this work. 

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